Scholarship Honorees & Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Alexander Scholarship

In honor of Joseph and Bernice Alexander whose great perseverance and determination established a family restaurant dynasty which continued for 75 years through five generations.

The Bianconi Scholarship

In honor of Chester and Wilma Bianconi who have devoted their lives to their four children and to numerous charitable causes.

The Cua Scholarship

In honor of Nicola and Maria Cetta Cua whose devoted their lives to their family and established the Cua of Columbus one of the major florist in Columbus, Ohio.

The Carfagna Scholarship

In honor of Sam, Sr. and Marie Carfagna, who with only the assets of courage and determination, started Carfagna's 65 years ago and through four generations later still has a family-owned business under the name of Casa di Carfagna.

The Centofanti Scholarship

In honor of Adelina Centofanti, a loving, kind Italian mother dedicated to her five children. She is the namesake of DeLena Ciamacco.

The DiSilvestre Scholarship

In honor of Marianna Trubiano DiSilvestre, a gracious, loving, dignified grandmother, wife of a loving husband, proud mother of four and helped raise her 13 brothers and sisters.

The DaGrava Scholarship

In honor of Arthur DaGrava who in spite of a severe heart defect, excelled in engineering and dedicated his life to his wife and children.

The Fontana/Kinneary Scholarship

In honor of John C. Fontana, a distinguished attorney and dedicated public servant and Senior United States District Judge, Joseph P. Kinneary, a respected and honorable jurist.

The Gioffre Scholarship

In honor of Carmelo and Dina Gioffre, who emigrated from Italy over 68 years ago and dedicated their lives and unconditional love to their four children and grandchildren and instilled in them the belief that with faith in God hard work, dedication and love of family, anything is possible.

The Mercurio Scholarship

In honor of Joseph A. and Mildred Mercurio whose dedication, determination and unbounded effort energized a small local produce company started in 1920 by their father, Mike Mercurio, into one of the largest wholesale produce companies in the State of Ohio. The company is now directed by the third generation, their son, Joseph Mercurio and sister, Midgie Mercurio.

The Molino Scholarship

In honor of Renaldo C. Molino, courageous and honored WWII Veteran of the Pacific Campaign and his loving devoted wife Antionetta Ciccarelli Molino, with their firm belief in the "old Italian ways" have dedicated their lives in the belief that every child should have the opportunity to attend college.

The Morlacci Scholarship

In honor of Albarosa Morlacci, a woman who confronted overwhelming hardship with an indestructible spirit, perseverance and love. Beginning when she was seven years old, after her mother's death, she raised three family generations.

The Rensi Scholarship

In honor of Ernest H. Rensi who was a Harrison Couonty Deputy Sheriff, Hopedale Town Marshall, Veteran, Boy Scout leader, Volunteer Fireman and American Legion Post Commander. He was a kind and generous man who helped people in need.

The Savko Scholarship

In honor of Nikolas and Gilda Savko for their dedication to and support in their church and in recognition of the enormous growth and accomplishment of the Savko Company

The Schillaci Scholarship

In honor of Sam Schillaci and his family, who emigrated from Palermo, Italy, when he was one year old and attended Ohio State University and Alexander Hamilton Institute business school and is a very successful businessman.

The Topazio Scholarship

In honor of Angelina Topazio, a very gifted and intelligent woman who emigrated from Italy to the U.S. at seven years old. During her 37-year life, Angelina attended to her parents and children faithfully, considering them above herself. The Wolfe Scholarship

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Canzani/Kinney Scholarship-Lifetime Achievement

In honor of Joseph Canzani and Mary Kinney, who dedicated four decades to transforming a small local arts college of forty students to the internationally known Columbus College of Art and Design.

The Celebrezze Scholarship-Lifetime Achievement

In honor of Anthony J. Celebrezze who has served his community as Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio State Senator, Secretary of Health Education and Welfare-under both John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. In his later years he was appointed to Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals.

The D'Angelo Scholarship-Lifetime Achievement

In honor of Eugene C. D'Angelo, Jr. the past president and chairman of WBNS. A internationally know philanthropist, dedicated to his community.

The James Scholarship-Lifetime Achievement

In honor of Arthur James who is a physician, surgeon and professor. In recognition of his service and dedication The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital was named after him at The Ohio State University.

Charles F. Johnson, M.D. Lifetime Health Achievement

In honor of Charles F. Johnson M.D., who received a Community Achievement Award. A courageous, generous, and loving physician who has dedicated his life to caring for, protecting, and preventing the abuse of children.

The Schaffer Scholarship-Lifetime Achievement

In honor of Robert Schaffer who have devoted virtually every day for some forty years to raising funds for an unending list of worthy charities including MS. Scouts, Special Olympics and many others.

The Zanetos Scholarship-Lifetime Achievement

In honor of Agnes and Thomas Zanetos, who received the Community Achievement Award and are the owners of Anthony Thomas Candy Company, one of the largest candy companies in the United States.